Film Production

Instant Capitol Group LLC is a film/music production company housing one of the most talented videographers, producers, and the best film and sound equipment to help struggling artists bring into fruition what they have envisioned. At Instant Capitol Group LLC, we continue to provide the support artists need to produce visually creative films and let the whole world listen to vocal talents here in the Stockton, CA area. Excited to have your film produced or to finally create that hit song you have been longing for? Read on and find out how!

Why Choose Us:

Our film/music production company has never put out its passion for helping artists in the performing arts. We want to help struggling artists have their films and their songs produced through our talented producers, sound engineers, and high-quality studios that are ready at our client’s use and perusal. We support fresh talents and assist them in music and film production and deliver the standard they have come to expect

Unleash Your Creativity With Us:
If you are one of those bright-eyed talents and in need of serious help from our producers and videographers or don’t have a recording studio to record on, let this company help you! With us, you are assured that your talents will be in the safest hands. Make your dreams happen by visiting one of our recording studios or meeting up with one of our producers to get advice or assistance in your film and music production. Get in touch with us by calling us at (650) 773-6611 for any questions or to simply get your customized and competitive quote! Get all the help you need from this recording label!